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NW Arkansas Community Fact Sheet: Hope 2011

Hope 2011: 3rd Annual Community Service -Focused Event for Northwest Arkansas Northwest Arkansas Social Indicators Community Fact Sheet by Kevin M. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D, Emily Hallgren, B.A. and Don Willis, B.A. Community and Family Institute, University of Arkansas Who Participated and Where Are They Living? On October 25, 2011 a one-stop service provision event took place

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HOPE NWA 2011…grace

On Tuesday of last week we had the distinct privilege of serving alongside some amazing NW Arkansas organizations and incredible people to participate in HOPE NWA 2011.  Final numbers will be released soon, but we are told that over 350 families/people were served during the one day resource event held at Central United Methodist Church

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Homeless Students in Fayetteville Public Schools

This past week we had the pleasure of having Mark Horvath, founder of, come back to Northwest Arkansas for a short visit.  Mark first visited NW Arkansas in 2009 to share his story at 1,287 Stand Up & Be Counted Homeless Awareness Rally. Mark had an opportunity to sit down with Marian Riner, Families

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Veterans, homeless, and those in need in Northwest Arkansas will be served at HOPE NWA 2011 resource event.  This event will provide free medical, vision, dental screening, haircuts, clothing, groceries, legal advice, and Veteran’s services. We are excited to be participating with the community to serve our community & we are excited that Founder, Mark Horvath, will

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Fall Harvest Begins!

We are excited to share that this week we begin to harvest the first of our fall crops.  It’s been a tough year, but this Fall has been a gift from above.  We are expecting a full and bountiful crop for the next month.  For that we are truly thankful. Weather permitting, we should be

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..the Our Step program has been quietly moving forward over the past year, and this month we have the unique privilege of being able to share publicly Curtis’s story of hope. Curtis is the 7th Our Step candidate to enter the program & it is a true honor to come alongside him during this season

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First Planting Celebration at The Farm

The chickens were nesting and laying eggs in their new homes. Children were running free in what soon will be corn fields. Some were learning how to plant a potato. Neighbors were meeting for the first time. The day felt good. (special thanks to for video production) The sun came out and the winds

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NW Arkansas Point-in-Time Homeless Census Final Report

On Monday, the Community and Family Institute is located in the University of Arkansasʼ Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice released the final Northwest Arkansas Point-in-Time Homeless Census Report. We would ask everyone in Northwest Arkansas take the time to read the final & full report as this may be one of our greatest tools

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Counting NWA’s Homeless: Preliminary Results from the 2011 Homeless Census

The 2011 point-in-time (PIT) homeless census in Northwest Arkansas is completed and the news, as expected, is not good. In the midst of the most significant economic downturn since the Great Depression, the number of homeless in Northwest Arkansas increased from an estimated 1,287 in 2009 to 2,001 (36%) in 2011. The rise is alarming

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dateOctober 9, 2010 userPosted by: Launched to Empower Homeless People via Social Media

Mark Horvath, founder of, has been a visible face in our community for the past two years helping bring awareness to the issue of homelessness.  Through the 1,287 Homelessness Awareness Efforts, Mark has been able to break down our stereotypes, exposure the true face of the homeless and create dialogue towards change. However, he

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