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July at The Farm

It is hard to believe that July is already here.  It has been a hot couple of weeks, but this weekend’s rain provided the relief our plants have needed. We have had a blast with the volunteers who have continuously worked hard to help our community.

Our Amazing Community

We continue to me amazed by all of our volunteers. The hard work and dedication is evident in the harvest. We have had over 400 different volunteers at The Farm, and have loved getting to know each one of you.



Production Update

Summer is in full swing and we are continuing to be blessed by a bountiful crop. In the last couple of weeks we have harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, okra, radishes, potatoes, beans, peppers, and herbs. We are thankful the hens have started laying and we now have eggs! We will continue to harvest our Summer crops and in the next few weeks begin to plant for our Fall Harvest.

We have currently harvested 4,677 pounds of produce with 50% going to hunger relief. We continue to need volunteers, so bring your friends, family or office down to see us!


Hunger Relief

Hunger Relief distribution is underway. To date we have given away 2,322 pounds of food to local food programs and Non-Profits. Samaritan Community Center ,  NW Arkansas Women’s Shelter , Central United Methodist and LifeSource International.  We have also redeemed giftcards, and are grateful to our community for helping feed the hungry in our area.

Today we are dontating potatoes, tomatoes, and cabbage to St. Paul’s Episcopal, Central United Methodist, and LifeSource. Our team was up early harvesting and processing the produce.


Volunteer Opportunities

It’s a great time to be at The Farm, check our calendar for opportunities to bring your family and enjoy the day.

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