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Cobblestone BHS goes to Laundry Love

If you haven’t heard about our Cobblestone BHS club and the amazing things they did last year through 30 Days for Change, you are missing out! We love the students at Bentonville High School! Their hearts for our community and helping those in need inspires all the work that we do through Cobblestone Proejct . We kicked off the school year with a meeting about ways to get involved this semester and to prepare for next semesters 30 Days for Change. A few of the students signed up for Laundry Love last week, and we can’t wait to share their experience. Through the Cobblestone BHS club, we continue to engage students to inspire new ideas and new approaches to community needs.

Abby  Louang- “It was so wonderful to hear what people had to say. Their stories help me understand more about the value of life and money. They told us about all the hard work they have done to survive and troubles.”



MJ Cordero-  “The lady I met tonight had quite a story to tell. She was the oldest ‘healthy’ daughter of 10 kids. Her oldest sister had polio as a child. She lived on a farm and hard work had been all she had known her entire life. She married at the age of 19. Today she was in Missouri taking care of her feeble 89 year old mother-in-law. She is very strong in her faith. Her son was in a car accident were his aorta was severed from his heart. As he had surgery, he said that Jesus spoke to him and told him that everything was going to be okay, but life was going to be different. He recovered like that, and is a paraplegic. Her sister’s daughter had violent self-harm attacks filled with thrashing and screaming. Her sister was told to put the phone up to her daughter’s ear and listen to monks pray for her. The next night the daughter said that the demon inside of her was gone and Jesus took over. She taught me to really appreciate what I have and that something that will always be there for me is my faith.”


We were blown away by the response we received from these students! They are already signing up for next months events, and getting excited about 30 Days for Change next semester. Thanks to all who participated, and a big thanks to Scott Herron, our student advisor and teacher to the club.


For more information on this initiative email us!

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