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dateMay 9, 2012 userPosted by:

It’s Harvest Time at The Farm!!!

It’s hard to believe it, but we are finally harvesting and distributing food from The Farm!!! We’ve come a long way this season & have a long way to go, but we have finally begun to see the literal fruit of our community’s labor. We are so thankful and so proud of everyone who has

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dateDecember 2, 2011 userPosted by:

2012 Farm Harvest Share Subscriptions on Sale

We are happy to announce that 2012 Harvest Share Subscriptions are now available for purchase (limited number available). The Farm’s Harvest Share Subscription program is designed to allow “certified naturally grown” food to be purchased from The Farm in order to enable food to be distribute to the hungry in our community. However, it does

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dateOctober 8, 2011 userPosted by:

Fall Harvest Begins!

We are excited to share that this week we begin to harvest the first of our fall crops.  It’s been a tough year, but this Fall has been a gift from above.  We are expecting a full and bountiful crop for the next month.  For that we are truly thankful. Weather permitting, we should be

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dateAugust 14, 2011 userPosted by:

Rain, Relief & Community (The Farm Weekly Update)

RAIN! After such a wet spring, we never thought we’d be excited for it to come back.  However, the heavens have opened and provided some desperately needed rain (over 2 inches this week) and temperature relief.  As a result, things at The Farm are starting to buzz once again & we are in the process

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dateJuly 25, 2011 userPosted by:

An amazing community! (The Farm Weekly Update)

We probably sound like a broken record at this point, but the weather isn’t changing. It has been a rough week at The Farm as we’ve had to face some hard realities & try to adjust plans to meet our goals for the season. However, we have so very much to be thankful for, and,

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dateJuly 19, 2011 userPosted by:

Being the Farmer is Tough (The Farm Weekly Update)

It probably doesn’t come to any great surprise that the weather continues to be the biggest challenge at The Farm; however, we are continuing to manage through it as best as possible.  This was a busy week at The Farm and we had the opportunity to accomplish a couple very important milestones. The Farm Weekly

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dateJuly 3, 2011 userPosted by:

The Farm Weekly Update…drought conditions!

No surprise, but it’s HOT outside. We haven’t had any significant rain in the past month, and it’s beginning to take it’s toll on The Farm. Unfortunately, the 10 day outlook doesn’t show much hope for rain either. We have been irrigating non-stop, but it’s been hard (& really expensive) to keep up with the

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dateJune 27, 2011 userPosted by:

This week at The Farm

Summer officially begins this coming weekend, and no surprise to anyone that this Spring has had its challenges. However, we have learned much and have been making adjustments along the way to make the most of this summer production. We were able to accomplish a whole lot this week including planting another 12 rows of

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dateMay 28, 2011 userPosted by:

The Farm Weekly Update (Week of May 28th)

It was a big week for The Farm as this marked the first Harvest week and first distribution of Harvest Share subscriptions.  After months and months of hard work and managing through less that ideal weather conditions, The Farm is producing food! It’s still early in the season and while the Broccoli was more abundant

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dateMay 17, 2011 userPosted by:

The Farm Weekly Update (Week of May 17th)

we caught up with Gary out on The Farm for our weekly update If you would like to learn more, come out and see The Farm, volunteer to help or purchase a Harvest Share Subscription, please visit The Farm website at