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dateMarch 31, 2012 userPosted by:

…we are still planting!

The Farm is still a buzz of activity as we continue planting & planting till we can’t plant anymore. The weather has been perfect in that we have sun on the weekends when everyone is available to come out and volunteer & rain during the weeks to get things growing as they should. We are

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dateMarch 26, 2012 userPosted by:

Next Big Step for 3 Bags in 2 Days!

After the initial shock of receiving a grant wore off, Brittany and I realized that we had to sit down, create a budget, and best of all…we had to dream big. We had the opportunity to do things that we have wanted to do for a while, but were financially unable to. This grant is […]

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dateMarch 25, 2012 userPosted by:

Plant, Plant, Plant…then plant some more

This is the time of year when the work around The Farm boils down to one single word:  PLANT! This is the wash, rinse and repeat cycle of spring that means there aren’t enough hours in the day, the rain needs to fall right when we plan for it to & the sun shines at

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dateMarch 18, 2012 userPosted by:

Spring is here! (an update from The Farm)

Spring is officially here and it is truly a great time to be at The Farm!  New life seems to spring from every corner & from every face that we see. The weather has been absolutely perfect (almost too perfect) with near record highs for this time of year, rain that hasn’t interfered with planting

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Present in the City: Grace

Wednesday March 14, 2012 – Wednesday March 14, 2012 Fellowship Bible Church NWA Map and Directions | Register Description: The Cobblestone Project & People of the Second Chance invite you to gather for an evening that promises to radically transform your understanding of grace and second chances. Please plan on joining us on Wed, March

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dateMarch 11, 2012 userPosted by:

For Valentine’s Day with Love

We are so thankful to Mrs. Creekmore’s 1st Grade at R.E. Baker Elementary Class for their amazing Valentine’s Day Laundry Love donation. Together these amazing 1st Grader’s gathered laundry detergent & quarters to donate to help the Laundry Love efforts all over Northwest Arkansas.  In total, their efforts will help over 20 families with clean

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dateMarch 10, 2012 userPosted by:

Community, Rain & Grace…

While Spring hasn’t officially arrived, we don’t care because at The Farm we are claiming that Spring is HERE!!! Our community has been so gracious for their huge investment into The Farm so early in the season.  It is ensuring we are on track with our production plan, and with weather like we have been

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dateMarch 3, 2012 userPosted by:

Spring is around the corner!

Operations at The Farm are in full swing with the past two weeks activities putting a lot of seeds and plants in the ground.  The weather has been incredible and we are hopeful that this is an indicator of a great year to come. Special thanks to all of the people from Northwest Arkansas (&

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