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Full Speed Ahead

Seeds are in the ground and we are full speed ahead for the 2012 season!!! We have come a long way in the past year but this past week has seen a flurry of activity not to mention some incredible weather (let’s hope this is how it’s going to be all year).  This past week

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Breaking Ground

The 2012 season at The Farm is officially underway! Today we broke ground to begin preparing the soil for seeds, installing raised beds, adding fertilizer and more. If we take a moment and look back to one year ago when we broke ground for the 2011 season, we can see just how far we’ve come. 

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Almost planting time!

It’s hard to believe, but it another 2 to 3 weeks (weather permitting) we’ll be putting our first seeds in the ground for the 2012 season.  Yes, we have high hopes and great plans for this year; however, we will do our part and leave the weather part to the One who holds this entire

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Bentonville High School Kicks off Cobblestone Project Chapter

For those who don’t have the opportunity to work directly with teenagers it might be hard to understand where they are coming from. They might seem a little odd to most adults, as they have their particular set of interests and ideas about the world. Most of them might seem silly, or rude, or awkward

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Update from The Farm

Spring is quickly approaching & believe it or not if the weather cooperates we could have seeds going in the ground in another month. Our production plans are 98% of the way complete with the total production for 2012 season planned at 20,000 pounds of food.  This would be almost 3x the amount of food

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