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The number of people homeless in NW Arkansas has grown +10% since 2007…

It is estimated that on any given night approximately 1,287 adults and youth in Benton and Washington Counties are homeless. Click on the image below to download a copy of the 2009 NW Arkansas Point-In-Time Census For ways to help there are amazing organizations working to end homelessness.  May we recommend… Seven Hills Homeless Shelter

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The power of one…

The following email was receieved in response to our “Deeply Saddened” posting regarding comments as to the ability of one person to make a meaningful difference in our community. With permission from Terri Rose, I asked if we could post these comments because I feel there is power and truth in her words.  Truth that

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Thank you to Glad Manufacturing Plant in Rogers!

It was a beautiful day at the Glad Manufacturing Plant in Rogers today as The Cobblestone Project was the beneficiary of Glad’s community investment grant to help sustain Laundry Love Project and expand Shear Kindness. It has been so exciting to see both of these programs grow as they have touched so many people since

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Deeply saddened (ref: NWANews Article – An Inspirational force to believe in)

We were was glad to hear that the Benton County Daily Record was running a series on homelessness in NW Arkansas. It’s a huge issue that needs our attention as a community, and so we’ve been anxious to read the stories since the series started. There was a particular quote in today’s article “An

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iPROMise Joy!

iPROMise started as a desire in the hearts of two high school girls (Rebekah and Catherine Falge) who wanted to make a difference in lives of other students where they went to school. These creative students learned that Cobblestone Project had been given some formal gowns during the June 08 Clothing Donation, and they wanted

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May’s Rogers Laundry Love Project

May’s Laundry Love was exciting to say the least. With huge thunder storms rolling in, and tornado warnings over our area it got a little crazy! As usual, we had all machines full and going by the start time. This was a problem when the power went out and messed the cycle of the washers

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Have we foresaken our own…?

This is an incredible video that a group of us saw while attending Q in Austin, Texas this past week…if it moves you like it moved us…please consider how we can work together to make a difference in our world.

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