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Food Banks & Shelters Expecting Shortages Beginning in February

An article in the Benton County Daily Record on Dec 26th (, demonstrates the tremendous response that our communities are capable of when it comes to making a difference against hunger. However, the size of the need continues to be larger than the size of the response. Without any actions, the expectation is that local

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Wallpaper Won’t Stop Us!

December’s 2nd Saturday at Restoration Village matched the volunteers against one of their toughest adversaries yet…wall paper. But the volunteers emerged victorious once again as they helped prepare two rooms that will allow some new residents to find a home. And while these efforts are awesome, the real work is just beginning for the staff

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December’s Laundry Love Project: Fayetteville

It was another wonderful evening in Fayetteville for Laundry Love Project (LLP). The number of guests continues to increase (and it’s becoming hard to keep track of them all). For December, we estimate approx. 60 guests and over 140 loads of laundry, but that’s not all… An unbelieve thank you goes out to the Fellowship

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Bella Vista Good Neighbor Food Drive…Primrose Lane & Piccadilly

Bella Vista Good Neighbor Food Drive brought in just under 500 lbs of food. The amazing thing is that was in just 21 homes. It was really well received on our two streets, Primrose Lane. & Piccadilly. Mike Campbell and my daughter Lauren and son Matthew, Scott Herron and his son Brady

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